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Baby Sadie // Vancouver Newborn Photography

My beautiful cousin, Debbie, added a new member to her family this summer – an adorable little girl named Sadie. I was so lucky to photograph Debbie during her pregnancy and thrilled to photograph little Sadie.

EIP-Debbie Maternity-8.jpg
EIP-Debbie Maternity-12.jpg
EIP-Sadie Newborn-3.jpg
EIP-Sadie Newborn-1.jpg
EIP-Sadie Newborn-4.jpg
EIP-Sadie Newborn-6.jpg

During Debbie’s maternity shoot, Debbie had a request i’ve never had before. Debbie’s mother didn’t get the chance to meet Sadie, but she loved her nonetheless. She was a wonderful woman, and when father’s day came along, Debbie knew exactly the perfect gift for her Dad. A photograph of Debbie and her sister in the style of an old photograph of her Mom. So during the maternity shoot, we pulled out the old black and white photo and photographed the two sisters in tribute to their mom. It was really beautiful. Here are the photographs we took, and the photograph of their mother, and my Aunt:

EIP Debbie Maternity-4.jpg