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Chelsea & Jordy // Part Two // Vancouver Wedding Photography

As promised here is the beautiful second half of Chelsea & Jordy’s wedding – the backyard reception!
We started by taking some more portraits of Chelsea & Jordy and their wedding party in a nearby field, and then headed over to Chelsea’s dad’s amazing backyard for the reception. The yard was decorated so beautifully, it makes me wish every wedding could be a backyard wedding!

You also might notice that my watermark is slightly different…well, this is the first step in the process of changing over my branding to reflect my new last name! Yes, Elaine Gebert Photography will be making the transition to Elaine Innes Photography over the next month! I’m very excited for the new look, and to show off my lovely new last name =)

Stay Tuned!


Chelsea & Jordy // Part One // Vancouver Wedding Photography

Chelsea & Jordy’s wedding was one of the most unique weddings I’ve ever photographed.

The first unique aspect was that it was split over two different days; a small close friends and family ceremony on a weekday evening, and the reception the following weekend.

The second aspect, which certainly not uncommon, was that Chelsea & Jordy chose to do a First Look. I’ve photographed first looks before and I love them, so do the couples!

The third unique aspect of this wedding was the weather. The day started out lovely. It was sunny, warm – a typical August day. As we took portraits before the ceremony the sun stuck around, but the clouds started rolling in. Once the ceremony started the clouds were darkening, and looking more and more threatening! It sprinkled a bit during the ceremony, with flashes of lightning and claps of thunder here and there. But, I kid you not, seconds after Chelsea & Jordy were pronounced husband and wife, the loudest thunder clap boomed through the air, and the sky just let loose the most amazing down pour! Definitely a memorable wedding ceremony – especially all of us running towards cover after the ceremony!

This is a little look at the first day of Chelsea & Jordy’s wedding celebration – The ceremony day!



Kristie & Keith // Vancouver Wedding Photography

I have been very lucky this year to have photographed the weddings of some very good friends of mine. I was so excited to photograph Kristie & Keith’s wedding because not only did I know that anything Kristie would pull together would be amazing, I also would get to hang out with the two of them and all our other friends on their special day!
Kristie and her dedicated bridal party & friends hand made pretty much every detail in their wedding. Anything that wasn’t hand made was purchased off Etsy like the amazing Fabric bouquets & boutonnieres from Darylndax.

I loved being able to capture Kristie & Keith’s wedding day, and am stoked that we got to shoot their portraits in Minnekhada park, the same place that Dylan and I had our own engagement photos taken. We even had a bear walk across the road just steps from us!

I had a tough time narrowing down the photos for this blog post – so here’s a ton of photos!


Thank you Kristie & Keith for patiently waiting for this blog post ;p


Florine Dufault - Lovely pictures Keith and Kristie. Congratulations.