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Catching up with good friends…

I think one of the greatest things in life is sharing a passion with someone. That is one of the reasons why I stand by the idea that going to school for photography is a fantastic thing to do.

You can learn how to use your camera without going to school. You can learn how to light your subjects without going to school. There are a lot of things you can teach yourself, or learn from blogs and books. However, unless you happen to have many people around you who are also into photography, you won’t have the community and support that comes from classmates.

Your classmates are in the exact same boat as you – they want to improve. To become the best photographers they can be. Even better than that, they want you to become the best you can be.

The critique you receive from classmates is invaluable. It has now been 2 years since I received my diploma, and I really do miss having the constant support from 20 other students week after week. But I am so lucky to keep in touch with a few of them who continue to push themselves and myself to be better, to learn more, and to continue being passionate about photography.

Katie is one of these people. She is awesome. We got together in New Westminster last week with the intention of shooting each other, and it turned out to be pouring rain the entire evening. We managed to find one tiny little spot suitable for photos that was dry and undercover. We spent the rest of the evening sipping coffee in a toasty warm starbucks.

You can check out Katie’s website at www.katiecourson.ca .


Baby Tristan // Vancouver Newborn Photography

Tristan is a tiny little guy at about 3 months old.  He was so sweet, and wouldn’t sleep for even a moment until we had packed up and finished! I think he stayed wide awake because he knew his eyes and smile would light up each photo!

This was my first (semi) newborn shoot, and it was definitely a challenge at times, but it was rewarding and I just loved spending time with this little guy!


Chantell - Wow is all I can say! The pictures turned out perfect. We are so happy to have had them done they could not have turned out any better! Elaine, words can’t express how happy you have made us with these photo’s. I have already passed your name on to others and will continue to do so. I could thank you a thousand times and it still wouldn’t be enough!


Sharlene // Vancouver Portrait Photography

I’m sure by now you all have seen the wonderfully romantic bridal collection by Anthropologie, B H L D N . These gowns are vintage, they’re ruffly, and o-so-romantic. I also love the bridesmaids dresses. Here’s hoping I get to photograph one of my brides in one of these fabulous gowns!

As promised, here are some more photos from my session with Sharlene:

Have a happy weekend everyone!