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Travel, Proposals & coming back to winter.

Well, Dylan and I have been home now for about 3 weeks, and getting back into the swing of normal life. Spending 2 months in South East Asia was incredible – every day was a new experience, seeing and doing amazing things and meeting amazing people. I already miss it! Although it’s nice to not be living out of a backpack anymore!

Not only did I come back with many pretty souvenirs, lovely photos, and even better memories, I also came back engaged!

Yep – Dylan proposed in Luang Prabang in Laos. I assure you, it was romantic, and beautiful and half way across the world in one of the most remote countries in Asia! We are super excited, and can’t wait to start planning our wedding! (I am going to have so much fun!)

Coming back to Vancouver was a shock. Wow. It was COLD. We went from 35 degrees to about 5 degrees and a couple days later minus 2!! But I couldn’t let that stop me from doing a little portrait session with Jen – because 2 months is too long to go without taking some lovely portraits of my friends. So I bundled up, and Jen, unfortunately, didn’t….but we took some lovely pictures, and here is one of them (because blog posts with no pictures are boring!)

If you’d like to see some photos from our trip, you can check out my flickr page at www.flickr.com/photos/elainegebert. I might post some photos up on the blog here and there as well!


Important Update!

I have exciting news!

My boyfriend, Dylan, and I will be leaving the country on Oct.25 for a 2 month backpacking adventure in South East Asia!

This is something we’ve been wanting to do for years, and finally, the time was right. So we booked our tickets mid-september, and here we are – One week away!

For those of you wondering, unfortunately I cannot bring my digital SLR with me =( Backpacking just really doesn’t allow for heavy, bulky camera equipment. I will however be bringing my Canon G11, so you can still expect to see photos from our trip when we get back in December!

We will be gone from Oct.25 to Dec.23. The longest trip I’ve ever been on. Nervous and so so excited!



I am still booking weddings for 2011! You may still email me to inquire about pricing & availability, and I will still get back to you. Please be patient though!! I may not have internet access everywhere I go, so please allow several days for a response.


Well, Canada…see you in 2011!



Phyllis // Vancouver Portrait Photography

Something a little different for me – Headshots!

Phyllis acted in Dylan’s 2nd year university film (and was amazing, by the way) and she modeled in my final portfolio when I was in school. We’ve kept in touch since then because she’s pretty awesome.

The funny thing is that so far all of the projects Dylan and I have worked on with Phyllis, she tends to portray sad and lonely characters, which is completely opposite of her personality in real life. So we’ve always joked about how some day we’ll have her play a happy character.

So it was definitely nice to photograph Phyllis as the happy person she really is, and we definitely had fun shooting. In addition to her acting, Phyllis is also is an amazing Violinist – she is in a band, plays weddings and teaches lessons.  You can check out her website here : Hamonia Quartet

I like headshots – it’s no nonsense photography. Very simple, but because it’s so simple, everything has to be just right.

The one on the right here makes me smile.


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